We are a women-owned business advancing the work of women-led cancer research.

The commercial success of SYNA Medical directly translates to expanding cancer therapies and saving lives.



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About Sakuga

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Our story

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United by a shared commitment to a cancer-free future, SYNA Medical was founded by veteran professionals in the medical supply, healthcare, accessories, and finance industries with a history of achievement in licensing, marketing, distribution, capital market transactions, and philanthropy.

In response to the increased demand for PPE at the onset of the COVID crisis, the company began design and production of patient examination gloves in conjunction with one of newest high-tech, high speed manufacturing factories and now proudly produces, markets, and distributes superior medical-grade gloves with an added philanthropic benefit.


It is our company mission to fund critical cancer research projects with revenue generated from the sale of superior quality, necessity goods.

We envision a world without cancer. We are committed to advancing the work of women in the field of cancer research through innovative, results-driven approaches to raising funds and awareness.


Shortly after product launch, SYNA Medical established a generous donation program to support the American Cancer Society’s ResearcHERS campaign. Through a multiyear licensing agreement with the American Cancer Society, a portion of proceeds from SYNA’s nitrile examination glove sales will fund more than 230 women-led cancer research projects through the Gloves with a Purpose™ campaign.


The company is poised to build on the success of their Gloves with a Purpose™ campaign model with anticipated additional colorways for gloves, and a product line expansion to broaden reach and philanthropic impact.

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Social Responsibility

SYNA Medical is focused on meeting tomorrow’s complex challenges with smart innovations today.

We are pioneering a pipeline of extraordinary products that directly funds the most critical needs in medical research. Our commitment to the socially impactful work of our dedicated charity partners is the very reason we do business.


A dedicated team united by a shared commitment to a cancer-free future with the professional background, record of achievement, and vision to succeed.

Anita Lovse
Hindy Rosenberg
Arlene Norris
National Medical Sales Director
Jay A. Rodin
Eddie Dayan
VP of Development & Sales